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Crieff Community Council Meeting
Date: 5th April 2012
Time: 15:16
Posted By: Secretary

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Crieff Community Council Meeting
Minutes of Crieff Community Council held on 2nd April 2012 at Strathearn Community Campus
i Welcome Angus McDonald opened the Meeting by welcoming all present
ii Present Community Councillors: A. McDonald, E. Basford, R. Brock, D. Young, A. Gourlay
Perth and Kinross Councillors: A. Cowan, A. Younger, H. McDonald
Guests: Steering Group for Crieff Community Trust: David Murrell, Ailsa Campbell
iii Apologies S. Leckie, A. Fernie, M. Grant

Item Heading/Minute Action
1 Minutes of last Meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on 5th March 2012 were passed as a true and accurate record of the meeting. Proposed by A. Gourlay and seconded by D.Young.

2 Matters arising
• Duchlage Path: LA Councillor AC advised that responsibility for upgrading the Duchlage path now lies with the Education Department and that it would be incorporated in plans for the building of the new Primary School.
Decision: Letter to be written to PKC officer Barbara Renton, copied to J. Valentine expressing concerns and requesting more immediate action.
• Crieff Community Council artefacts: The Letters Patent, plaque and gavel are in the possession of AM.

RB reported that all items owned by the Community Council require to be listed on an inventory for insurance purposes.
3 Police Report
Recent crimes/issues in the area: enquiries ongoing regarding a number of petty crimes, including: a break in at the Drummond Arms Hotel, theft of garden ornaments, vandalism to gate at Park Village. Arrests have been made for the possession of a pepper spray and drink driving. One Anti Social Behaviour Order issued for manner of driving.
A joint exercise with traffic wardens patrolling the High Street and the area around the Primary School recently has led to a number of parking tickets being issued.

4 Agenda Items
• Local Development Plan
EB and RB attended a drop in session run by Planning Aid Scotland on 31st March at AK Bell Library. The meeting provided useful information regarding to making representations to PKC about the LDP. Particular concerns comprised:
 ensuring that infrastructures were put in place before developments considered
 the inclusion of green field sites into the settlement area
 the use of brown field sites
 expansion into the countryside away from the town centre
 the regeneration of the town centre
 change of use of the present Primary school
 more consultation required with the Community Council

Decision: Representations to be made on behalf of the Community

• Crieff Common Good Fund
Concern expressed about PKC’s spending of the fund on energy costs relating to the operation of Christmas lighting in Crieff. The amount spent was approximately £1500, leaving the sum of £200. This money was spent without the knowledge of its appointed committee.

Decision: Letter to be written to Bernadette Malone, CEO PKC, requesting an explanation with detailed information on the decision making process regarding this expenditure.

At its meeting on 26th March 2012 the following matters were raised:
 The LDP. CUSP making representations to PKC
 Acorn Dell. The purchase has been completed. Funding of £1500 still required to be raised
 AGM – the Chairman and Secretary are standing down

• Crieff in Leaf
Keith Stewart reported that CiL were purchasing 6 new benches for James Square as part of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations as well as replanting works. He asked the CC if they wished to contribute. PKC had informed CiL that they would provide match funding on a 50/50 basis for the project. CCC was invited to put in a bid for items required for community council purposes in the Square.

 Crieff Community Council would contribute to the purchase of a bench to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee on behalf of the community. A Bingo Tea would be organised to raise funds.
 The Community Council expressed thanks regarding CiL’s generous offer and are looking to buy a new Community Council Notice board.

• Celebrate Crieff
EB reported on the Public Meeting held on 27th March at Strathearn Community Campus. Three sub-groups have now been formed to take the project forward: the Parade, the Exhibition and the Pageant in the Park.

• The former Crown Hotel
John Champion, secretary CUSP, had requested information from S. Leckie regarding any complaints made to the Community Council by the public regarding this building. Noted: previously it had been ascertained that as the building is privately owned the Local Authority has no remit over it.

• Scottish Flood Forum
Contact to be made to establish what advice and information about flood prevention and protection is available.

• Bunting
CCC to look into purchasing this for long term use.

5 Update reports
 Treasurer: £483.10 standing in the account. £450 of which is ring fenced for Hogmanay 2012. Cheque paid amounting to £25.21 in respect of the new lock on the Notice board.
 Perth and Kinross Councillors: AY reported that she would forward Minutes of the meeting of the Environment Committee containing proposals for a Flood Mitigation Scheme.
6 Correspondence
Email correspondence from the Business Manager of the Strathearn Community Campus requesting support from the CC regarding the state of the Duchlage path.
Email correspondence from a member of the public reporting that the Notice board key was lost by the Tourist Information Office and that no new posters had been inserted since November 2011.

 RB stood down as Treasurer until after the Local Authority elections in May. DY has taken over the position temporarily.
 A new lock has been fixed onto the Community Council notice board. The Notice board will be maintained and managed by Crieff community councillors. The key holders are RB, EB and AG. Posters/Notices to be handed in by the public to Gourlays in the High Street for display. The public to be notified.
 Concern expressed by the fact that the Tourist Information Office had not yet, after two years, fixed the sign above the door.
 CCC is now registered with Grants Direct.

Date of AGM
18th April 2012 at Strathearn Community Campus.

The Chairman thanked all those attending and declared the meeting closed at 9.00.

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